Sky Beams

Rental Sky Beams

What do you get when you combine programmable moving concert lights and 4000 watt search lights? You get SKY BEAMS

Most search lights just wiggle in a circle. Most concert lights are too weak for outdoor use. Sky Beams takes the best of both worlds using the power of a search light and the accurate X-Y pan and tilt beam positioning of an intelligent light. We also have high speed strobe and dimming effects.

These lights use a DMX signal so they can be controlled using the same lighting consoles that professional lighting designers use. So now you can choreograph outdoor powerful lights to music. Each light can be programmed individually and all the lights can be synchronized together for an amazing display.

Pre-programmed looks, scenes and designs allow for same day set ups. We also have available wireless DMX for fast and flexible set ups. Special events have never been brighter as our crews travel all over the United States and for international events the lights and support gear come in flight cases for easy shipping.
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